Energy Calculators

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The links and listings are provided for information purposes only. The following lists are not exhaustive or fully comprehensive, but we have tried to include a representative list of resources for each category. Saline's Environmental Commission makes no representations as to the workmanship, creditworthiness, or any other attributes of the companies listed or of their products or services.

Appliance Energy Calculators

Refrigerator Retirement Calculator - find out when it pays to replace your refrigerator or freezer.

Appliance Calculator - what does it cost to run your appliances

Replace your Computer with an Energy Star computer

Replace other appliances with an Energy Star appliances

Home Energy Calculators

Home Heating Cost Calculator - From Building Green's website, a calculator to tell you which fuel is most cost effective for you.

Life Cycle Costs for Air Coupled Heat Pumps - from Energy Star

Home Heat Loss Calculator - calculate the size of heating and cooling equipment required by your house.

CFL Saving Calculator change your bulbs to compact florescent and see how much you save.

Energy Star Lighting Calculator enter the bulbs you currently have and calculate your savings

Personal Energy Calculators

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint - The EPA's calculator to see what your family carbon footprint is.

Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator - Calculate the CO2 equivalent for carbon based products used. 

A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change Calculator - EPA calculator for reducing carbon emissions.

Commercial Energy Calculators

Waste Reduction Calculator - EPA calculator to help organizations calculate the avoided costs of waste recycling.

Exit Sign Calculator - see how long it takes to payback the cost of replacing old exit signs or bulbs with LED bulbs.

Transportation Calculators

Automobile Fuel Economy - Ratings of currently produced cars and trucks

Hybrid payback Calculator find out how long each hybrid requires to offset the cost of purchasing them.

Plug-in Hybrid payback Calculator - PHEV payback calculator