Solar Generation

A Guide for Michigan Local Governments Executive Summary

Known for innovation and home to several solar industry leaders, Michigan has the foundation to become a front-runner in solar energy. Local governments are key to Michigan’s success in this effort and can help create and encouraging climate for residents and business owners to install solar by becoming Solar Ready. Solar Readiness means:

  • Proactively addressing solar in policies in procedures

  • Supporting the local and statewide solar industry

  • Responding to the needs of local citizens

  • Helping developers, homeowners, and businesses through a cost-effective solar installation process

Clean Energy Coalition recently completed a guidebook to assist local jurisdictions with becoming Solar Ready. This Guidebook provides detail on the following ten steps to become Solar Ready along with resources that can help make Solar Readiness easy and more consistent throughout the state.

Link to Clean Energy Coalition Solar Webpage:

How to Pick a Solar Installation Company:

Solar Panels in Michigan: Costs, Companies and ROI: