Business Links2 - One stop site for starting and supporting businesses in the State of Michigan.

eWashtenaw - resource for environmental issues in Washtenaw County

Waste Knot - collection of green businesses in Washtenaw with a searchable database for contractors and suppliers who practice green policies in their businesses.

Spark Business Development - supporting innovation in new businesses and sustainable innovation in existing businesses.

U of M School of Business - site to help businesses and public organizations find information on how to improve their energy efficiency.

U.S. Green Building Council - Information and links to members involved in designing and building green buildings

Funding and incentives - incentives and funding for small businesses and contacts for support.

Performance Contracting Funding for Businesses - use your green initiatives to fund installation of improvements with less out of pocket expenses.

Energy Services Coalition - group to support energy conservation initiatives

Warm Training Center - Michigan based support of energy conservation

Private Company Programs

Johnson Controls - building controls for public and private businesses

Solar World - performance contracting for businesses and government

Local Private Companies

Sunventrix - solar systems for public and private businesses using local labor materials and designs.

Meadowlark Builders - Green construction specializing in LEED certified designs

Architectural Resource - Architectural design for green remodeling with several LEED certified projects locally.

Adaptive Building - Contractor specializing in LEED certified remodelling