Save Water

Save water at the tap

Use low flow toilets and fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens.

Use a toilet that reduces water to 1.6 gallons per flush or less to save up to $100 per year in water costs.

Use low flow aerators at faucets

Low flow shower heads saves 30% on water and energy to heat it.

Consider using a hot water recirculating loop with a pump designed to recirculate hot water to reduce the amount of water wasted getting to the faucet.

from the City of San Diego

Save on water for lawns and plantings

Build a Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels are available from the Water Treatment Plant for a cost of $45 send an email to:Environmental Commission email for more information or to order a rain barrel.

Why? Reusing rainwater keeps rain water out of the storm sewer and avoids using treated city water for watering plants and lawns. The rain barrel water will be less of a shock on plants than cold tap water, and you save on your water bill too!

How Hard? Not hard to do but requires some specialized tools

How Much Time? 1-4 hours depending on your skills

Where do I get the Parts? Excess plastic barrels can be obtained from the Saline Water Treatment Plant. Complete barrels can be purchased for $45 by contacting this email

Additional parts needed to complete your rain barrel can be purchased at the following Saline stores: Junga Ace Hardware, or Chelsea Lumber.

There are many how to videos available to help you build your recycled rain barrel.

Learn about Rain Gardens

Find out what a rain garden can do to improve our storm water. Find out where to go in Washtenaw to see rain garden installations and see how they work.

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