Saline's recycling contractor is Waste Management and they service the city with a single stream waste recycling system. This system allows businesses and citizens to place all their recyclable material in one collection container together where it is picked up weekly and then sorted into the different waste steams. Saline recycles more material than the average with an average of 9.43 lbs of recycled material per week from each address vs. the average address in Washtenaw of 6 lbs recycled. 80% of all material that ends up at curbside can be recycled, but even at Saline's level of recycling 2/3's of our material ends up in the landfill and we only recycle 33%. Here are some facts:

  • Saline sends 4459 tons of material to the curb each year.
  • 2969 tons goes to the landfill
  • 772 tons goes to yard waste
  • 718 tons goes to the recycling plant
  • The value of the material sent to the curb is $13 billion
  • The value of material not recycled is $8 billion

Residents: see the city's recycling web page and the Recycling Guidlines

  • Can put as much recycling material as they want at the curb.
  • Can request additional recycling bins at no extra charge from the city
  • Can rent a larger cart for $4 month to put all your recyclables in.
  • Can recycle some items that cannot go in the recycling bin through Waste Management's Home Kits

Businesses: see the city's recycling web page and the Recycling Guidlines

  • Can request recycling bins
  • Can opt to use an 8 yard cardboard recycling container