Clean Energy Financing

Deciding to improve the energy efficiency of our homes or businesses is only part of the battle. How to pay for the changes needed is usually the biggest challenge. Fortunately there is help:

PACE Program

Washtenaw County has now approved a Property Assessed Clean Energy program (PACE) allowing businesses and residents to finance their clean energy projects at reasonable rates and pay for them through voluntarily increasing their property's taxes. This allows owners to improve the energy efficiency of their property now and pay for it out of the energy savings over time. Ann Arbor has had a PACE program in effect since 2011.

Michigan Saves

Michigan Saves is a non-profit organization partnering with contractors, owners and government to promote the adoption of energy saving projects for businesses and homeowners. Michigan Saves offers a one stop clearing house for financing, incentives and assistance to owners wishing to start energy efficiency projects of all types. See the article on Michigan Saves from Rapid Growth Media. They can connect owners with approved energy efficiency contractors, rebate programs and financing.